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SET 1:Runaway Jim, Fee[1], Axilla (Part II)[2] > Rift, Stash, Fluffhead, Nellie Kane > Run Like an Antelope[3]

SET 2:Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart > Tweezer -> The Lizards, Julius, Bouncing Around the Room, You Enjoy Myself -> The Vibration of Life -> You Enjoy Myself, The Squirming Coil, Tweezer Reprise


[1] Trey sang verses through megaphone.
[2] Debut.
[3] Simpsons signal.

Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. This show included the debut of Axilla (Part II). Antelope included Nellie Kane teases from Trey and Mike and a Simpsons signal. In Trey's place, Brad Sands was the substitute trampoline jumper during YEM. Coil contained a Thank You tease from Page.

Jam Chart Versions

Fee, Stash, Run Like an Antelope


Thank You tease in The Squirming Coil, Nellie Kane tease in Run Like an Antelope

Debut Years (Average: 1989)

Song Distribution

Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (1)Stash4
Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (2)A Picture of Nectar4
Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (3)Hoist3
Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (4)Lawn Boy3
Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (5)Junta3
Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (6)The White Tape2
Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (7)Rift1
Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (8)The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday1

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Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon

This show was part of the "1994 Spring Tour"

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Show Reviews

, attached to 1994-04-16


Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (9)My first show, 20 years ago today. Page's piano solos in Lizards and Coil, the energy of Jim & Antelope and YEM with the vibration... All of these songs became cemented as favorites thanks to this show. I went to 'better' shows later, and it's trite to say it at this point, but your first show is always special!

Score: 2

, attached to 1994-04-16


Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (10)Great show (surprise!). Biggest memory was walking out of the venue post show only to see a car on fire. Not sure what happened but I think it was someone there for the show.

Score: 2

, attached to 1994-04-16


Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (11)This show was my introduction to the Phish parking lot scene. I had been to a lot of shows at this point but I never really made friends with anyone or really had any idea what the tour scene was all about.
The night before was the final show at the Beacon theater. I desperately wanted to get into that show but I had no ride and no ticket. So I said f*** it and I hitchhiked from my house in the Catskills to NYC and got to the show right as doors were opening. I got shut out along with probably 1000 other kids and that's when I met the tour rats who are the soul that keep the whole scene going IMO. I hooked up with this one guy who said hey you want to go to Amherst tomorrow and that was that.
We drove up to Amherst that night and slept in his car I think. Details are fuzzy of course. So we were at the lot way early and it was a pretty small scene and very friendly. Everybody was just there to see Phish so that's always a beautiful thing. That was the first time I ever smoked out of glass and also the first indoor for me. I was in a hypnotic state for like 4 hours and sat on this girl's beanbag outside of her van for the entire afternoon.
Show wise I was taken aback because it was a really large venue and I wasn't totally used to that yet. This was a weird stat day for me because they debuted Axilla 2. I had also seen the debut of Axilla 1. so thats kind of weird. Not that I knew it at the time they played either of them. 2nd set was a lot of fun with YEM + narration and a Fire encore.
This whole experience made me realize that you didn't need tickets or a ride if you wanted to see Phish. All you needed was free time and a few bucks to put gas in someone's car and you could see all the shows you wanted. This was a major revelation for me...

Score: 1

, attached to 1994-04-16


Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (12)My first show! Stoke level was extreme. Trey was in a foot cast—fun watching him try to work his petals. I don’t think i stopped jumping up and down for a second during Jim. Just pogo-sticked the whole tune. Tweaked a hammy. Went on to see another 70 or so shows through ‘98. Tweaked my hammy several more times.

*hail storm heading out of the lot into the show

Score: 0

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Apr 16, 1994 Setlist - Phish.net (2024)
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