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Team Fortress 2 can impress players with a wide variety of absorbing characters. If you want to start playing with a unique and exciting character, you should choose Soldier. Many TF2 beginners choose Soldier, because it seems to be the most interesting. It is true, this character is one of the most popular in TF2, because his tactics are easy-to-understand and powerful. Many Team Fortress 2 lovers often ask us how to play Soldier TF2 correctly and help the team. In today’s article, we have collected the best TF2 Soldier tips that will be helpful for many game lovers and beginners.

Why Is It Worth Playing as a Soldier?

The Soldier is a pronounced attacking class that, instead of loud words, will pull out huge projectiles for its powerful Rocket Launcher. TF2 beginners often choose Soldier, because this class is both strong and easy-to-understand.

As we said above, the Soldier’s primary weapon is the Rocket Launcher. This gun is capable of destroying everyone and everything on the way. In fact, this is not as simple a device as a beginner might think. It requires careful handling and strategy. The Rocket Launcher can hold up to four rockets. The standard weapon damage is 90 points, but most often it is less due to the falloff.

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Logically, the damage depends on the distance between you and the target. Rockets are not subject to gravity. In addition to the Rocket Launcher, you are able to enjoy other powerful TF2 Soldier weapons, such as Black Box or Buff Banner to diversify your user experience. Why not also take a closer look at the best cheap TF2 skins and choose the most attractive one for you!

What’s more, a Soldier is able to make a Rocket Jump with missile recoil. The player loses a small amount of health, but can move long distances. In order not to lose health points, you need to use Gunboats. By the way, if you want to diversify your Team Fortress 2 experience, you can buy TF2 skins and become the best Soldier player!

You should learn how to play Team Fortress 2 correctly and quickly get used to this game. Read our TF2 guide for newbies to learn more about it!

Top TF2 Soldier Tips

In order to help beginners become more advanced as Soldier, we have collected the best TF2 Soldier tips to make your TF2 experience better. Follow our instructions and become the best Soldier player ever!

Shoot Your Opponent’s Legs

It is most effective to shoot enemies at their feet. First, it will make it easier to hit and do more damage. Secondly, you have a chance to shoot several people. After all, the enemy can easily dodge the rocket if you shoot directly at him. But if you shoot your opponent in such a way, you will be able to throw him up.

Use Shotgun to Kill the Scout

The Scout is a very fast character and can easily dodge rockets. Moreover, this character needs 2-3 hits to kill the Soldier. It is most convenient to use a Shotgun to defeat the Scout. You can also use the Flare Gun, but you have to keep an eye on where the Scout is next second.

Throw Enemies Up and Hit Them

You can throw the enemy up by shooting a rocket at his feet. If at this moment the enemy jumps, he will fly even higher. Then it will be easiest to hit the enemy and deal the greatest damage to him. However, beare in mind that the rocket flight takes time.

Always Stay Above Other Players

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Try to always be on the roofs of the house or other high objects, because it will be easier for you to kill your opponents with Rocket Launcher. At the same time, it will be more difficult for opponents to harm you, because you can easily dodge or run away.

Use Gunboats

If you choose to wear Gunboats, try to always be on the move. Be elusive so that no one can hit you. This is a very good accessory for the Soldier as you can move quickly and chase others without losing a lot of health. You can pursue enemy Medics or Snipers.

We hope our TF2 Soldier guide was interesting and useful for you. In order to improve your performance, use the following tips and enjoy successful and easy gameplay.

Trying different types of weapons for the Soldier can make your game experience more diversified and improve your skills. If you want to find the best weapon, try to trade TF2 skins and get an opportunity to play with different equipment.

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How to Play Soldier in TF2 | Best Soldier Tips | DMarket | Blog (2024)
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