TF2 Soldier: Ultimate Guide 🎖️ (2024)

The Soldier is a jack of all trades in Team Fortress 2, and because of this, he’s often considered the most newbie-friendly class in the game. Soldier can deal impressive AoE damage with his rocket launcher, his rocket jump makes him one of the most mobile classes in the game, and his impressive health pool is only toppled by the Heavy.

While he might be one of the easiest classes to handle, being a good soldier in Team Fortress 2 requires some serious skill and practice. If you want to improve your soldier gameplay, we’ve got you covered! Here at Skinsmonkey we present our TF2 soldier guide, where you’ll learn everything you need to get on top of your game!

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TF2 Soldier Weapons

Before we dive into different specific strategies you can use to improve your Soldier gameplay, its important to look over the Soldier’s arsenal in the game. Like most other classes, his inventory consists of primary weapons, secondary weapon and melee weapons.

Primary Weapons

The Soldier’s primary weapon is his trademark rocket launcher. One of the most powerful Team Fortress 2 weapons, the rocket launcher is capable of dealing massive damage, has an impressive AoE radius, and a direct hit with a crit rocket will kill enemies in a single shot. The rocket launcher is a highly versatile weapon, capable of easily destroying sentry guns and clusters of multiple enemies. Because of this, Soldier is extremely powerful when fighting in tight corridors, where players will have a difficult time dodging your rocket launcher.

Not only does the rocket launcher deal impressive damage, it also offers increased mobility to the Soldier, allowing him to navigate around the map with rocket jumping. One of the reasons to play Soldier in TF2 is his impressive mobility, allowing you to jump all over the map by firing rockets at your feet. This deals some damage to the Solider himself, but also propels him in the air, allowing him to reach parts of the map unavailable to other classes.

However, when using rocket launchers you have to keep in mind that a Pyro can reflect your rockets at you and even kill you with your own projectiles. Like other primary weapons in the game that fire projectiles instead of normal bullets, your rockets can be bounced back to you, so watch out when using them.

Secondary Weapon

When it comes to your secondary weapon as a soldier, you have three different choices:

  • A shotgun
  • Boots (passive equipment)
  • Buff Banner

Shotgun is generally the most common choice among pros and experienced gamers since it helps offset some of the worst liabilities of the soldier class. The rocket launcher might have impressive damage, but it leaves you virtually defenseless when you’re stuck reloading. The stock rocket launcher only holds four rockets, and Soldier’s primary weapons have some of the longest reload times in the game. That is why a shotgun can be a real lifesaver in more intense firefights.

The different boots available to Solider make rocket jumps easier, and even allow him to stomp on his enemies, however, they are generally the worst choice of a secondary weapon. Although they can reduced self damage the Soldier takes from rocket jumping, once you get good enough at playing this class you won’t need a crutch like the different Soldier boots, which replace your shotgun.

The Buff Banner is an interesting choice, since it allows the Soldier to play a more supportive role. Although it’s still generally considered a worse choice than the shotgun, it can be useful in teams where you already have a lot of DPS.

Melee weapons

Finally, the Soldier also has an impressive selection of melee weapons, with different skills for different occasions. However, most players still choose the default shovel, or one of its many re-skins, since you’ll likely won’t be fighting too much at close range. Although the Soldier has a very impressive health pool, shotguns are still a better choice for fighting at point-blank range. However, some melee weapons, like the Disciplinary Action, are not meant for fighting and instead are more of utility items, and you should also consider them, depending on the situation in-game.

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TF2 Soldier Guide

Although the soldier is technically easy to play, knowing how to really master the Soldier requires some more practice and knowledge. Here are some of the best tips to improve your soldier gameplay. Also, if you’d like to further improve your game, make sure to check out our TF2 guide!

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Watch Your Ammo

As we have previously mentioned, one of the weaknesses of the Soldier class is his low ammo count in the primary weapons slot. His rocket launcher generally holds a small number of rockers, and it also has the longest reload time and animation. The Soldier has to load every single rocket into the launcher individually, meaning that to fully reload his weapon takes a couple of seconds. Make sure that you’re never caught without ammo in your launcher.

Remember About Your Secondary Gun

On the topic of reloading, if you ever empty all your rockets but still find yourself in combat. Many new players forget about the Soldier’s secondary weapon, which is one of the worst mistakes you can make as a soldier player. While it might not have as much splash damage and won’t be able to take out multiple opponents with a single critical hit, the shotgun is still a perfect way to finish off your enemies, or simply take out lighter classes like the Scour or the Medic.

Keep A Pocket Medic Around

You might not be as tanky as the Heavy while playing as a Soldier, but you come close second, and the overhead from a stock medi-gun gives you a whopping 300 health pool. This still makes you incredibly tanky, and combined with the splash damage of your primary weapons, the Soldier and Medic are a duo capable of obliterating entire teams. The Medic also has a number of different medi-guns available, some of them working better with the Soldier rather than the Heavy, so if you have a Medic friend, you can easily dominate the match.

Practice Precise Aim

The Soldier might have some serious AoE firepower with his splash damage radius, however, when fighting at long distances, you should always focus on landing precise shots. This might be relatively difficult with the slow projectile speed of every individual rocket, but there’s a significant difference in damage when you score a direct hit with your rocket launcher, and when you shoot somewhere next to your opponent’s feet. With a single shot that’s a mini crit you can even take out some weaker classes, provided you land a hit directly on your enemy.

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In Conclusion

The Soldier might look like one of the easiest classes to play, but only when you understand how the class works and know how to play cautiously you’ll be able to dominate the front lines. If you liked this guide, make sure to check out the rest of Skinsmonkey, including our all TF2 classes tutorial!

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TF2 Soldier: Ultimate Guide 🎖️ (2024)


Is Soldier hard to play TF2? ›

The Soldier is a pronounced attacking class that, instead of loud words, will pull out huge projectiles for its powerful Rocket Launcher. TF2 beginners often choose Soldier, because this class is both strong and easy-to-understand. As we said above, the Soldier's primary weapon is the Rocket Launcher.

Why was TF2 Soldier rejected from the military? ›

He is strongly in denial as he proclaims himself as a military man, even though he didn't serve in the army (in fact, he was regarded as so mentally unstable for even qualify for national service, being rejected of every branch of the United States Armed Forces), and refused to accept the fact that he is just a normal ...

Is Soldier TF2 married? ›

The Heavy is mortified by the revelation that Zhanna has gotten married to the Soldier without his knowledge, apparently in an official ceremony headed by the Soldier himself, due to being an ordained minister in Guam.

Is Soldier 76 for noobs? ›

From rocket jumps to the general reach of his weapon, Soldier 76 is like the Swiss army knife of Overwatch heroes. Granted, you will need to be able to aim reasonably well when playing Soldier 76, but he's still a very easy character to understand and perform well with.

Is TF2 harder than Overwatch? ›

The skill ceiling for Overwatch is a lot higher than TF2's. In Overwatch, one has to accurately search and take out enemies that pose a threat. TF2 on the other hand, one just needs to shoot about 30 feet to the left and they hit the enemy. Anyone in the right mind would pick Overwatch over TF2, and that is a fact.

Did TF2 soldiers fight in WWII? ›

Team Fortress 2 - Soldier. Though he wanted desperately to fight in World War 2, the Soldier was rejected from every branch of the U.S. military. Undaunted, he bought his own ticket to Europe.

What is Pyro's real name TF2? ›

According to the Team Fortress 2 comic, Old Wounds, the Pyro from Team Fortress Classic is named Beatrice.

Who is Soldier TF2 dating? ›

Zhanna is Misha's younger sister. Throughout the course of the story, she falls in love with Soldier and eventually becomes his wife.

Why is TF2 soldier named Jane Doe? ›

Jane Doe is the name the Soldier gives himself in the TF2 Comics, which is a (female) name for a person whose identity is unknown or must be withheld.

Who is Soldier 76 partner? ›

A rep also told Variety: “Yes, Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison) identifies as LGBT. It was revealed in our latest short story, 'Bastet,' that Jack had a male love interest named Vincent.”

Who is Scout in love with tf2? ›

It has been shown that the Scout has taken a romantic interest in Miss Pauling, which she tries to completely ignore. In Expiration Date, the Gun Mettle Update and the Tough Break Update, she is voiced by Ashly Burch.

Who is the nicest tf2 Merc? ›

Dell Conahger, or as many know him, The Engineer. In the one comic Engy stars in (Loose Canon) he is well mannered, and good natured througout. This even expands into the game itself, Engy NEVER blames his teamates for any failures in the battle, and evern if he loses rock, paper, scissors.

How strong is TF2 Soldier? ›

The Soldier is an offensive class which can fulfill a variety of roles for his team, acting as a jack-of-all-trades that can easily adapt to different situations. He has 200 health, 80% speed, and weapons which cover every distance.

Is TF2 Soldier smart? ›

Soldier, well, the only smart thing we see Soldier do is learn a variety of weapons and know about Sun Tzu's teachings. After that, he did a massacre by himself. Soldier is not totally "insane", but he's kinda crazy.

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